Advanced Caring Limited provides excellent person-centred support for adults with learning disabilities and autism who often display behaviour of concern.

Our small, quality-driven team possesses the dynamic skills, knowledge and experience to provide appropriate support and motivation to people seeking to make their own life choices and take real control of their lives.

We offer a range of support services to meet assessed need and, when you explore our website, you will find a number of support pathways, to include progression from residential placement to supported living.

Our team is trained to provide a framework of positive behavioural support and actively seeks to work with the individual in a way with which they are comfortable. Families, carers, advocates and other agencies can all be involved in enabling the individual to pursue their interests and aspirations and achieve their life goals. Whatever the situation, we encourage inclusion and active participation and are not afraid to adopt creative solutions when needed.

Please take a tour of our website and get in touch to discuss your needs. We welcome feedback from everyone and look forward to hearing from you.