Joy Talbot

Joy Talbot

I could tell you that I’m a First Level Nurse in Learning Disabilities and have over 30 years’ experience, both of which are true, but that doesn’t convey the passion I have for my work.

At Advanced Caring Limited we understand that every person is an individual, with their own personality traits, their own likes, dislikes, wishes, dreams and aspirations. These might change over time but as long as there are choices and opportunities to make those changes we all have the opportunity to be fulfilled, contented people.

I try to guide and encourage our support team to get to know each individual and we combine this knowledge with our experience to take a creative, person-centred approach in the development of support pathways. Each pathway is unique to the individual’s needs and personality, not just on admission but as they change and develop throughout their life.

As Head of Operations I believe it is vital to lead by example and provide a positive role model for the work we do. To this end I provide direct hands-on support whenever possible and appropriate, and demonstrate my preparedness to be proactive and responsive to the changing support needs of those in our care. I seek to actively listen to the wider team, communicate honestly and openly with them, share relevant personal experiences and be transparent in my approach so that even the most junior member of the team can follow, understand and learn.

Although the nature of my work can involve long and sometimes antisocial hours, I like to keep myself fit and, in particular, enjoy sports lifting and competing in Girevoy Kettlebell Sport competitions. The effort and concentration required allow me to switch off for a while – but I’m always on the other end of the ‘phone, if needed.